[License-review] For approval: The Cryptographic Autonomy License (Beta 4)

VanL van.lindberg at gmail.com
Tue Dec 10 01:02:59 UTC 2019

Nigel -

I'll answer both your emails here.

First, with regard to passwords: If someone doesn't store the plaintext
password, it is not "available" to be provided. Note that the user data
only needs to be provided if it is available to the operator for use with
the Work. Further, using a password hash also doesn't prevent the use of
the data in the context of the system. If a program is set up to use a
password hash to validate someone's password, then the hashed password is
actually what is necessary.

This gets to your second point: What if some software is not "4.2
compliant" as you put it? It is straightforward - someone can know what
they received from the third party Recipient in order to make things work.
Did you receive a password and username so that the person could log in?
Then you give it back. You don't need to forensically examine the software
in order to watch and make sure that you give back the things that the user
gave to you.

As an analogy, think about the software as a safety deposit box. You are
the bank. When you run the software, you get an empty box.  If you choose
to make the software available to a user, then the user can put something
in the box. You can put something in the box for the user. When the user
wants to leave, they get their own box and whatever was in their box.


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