[License-review] Approval: Server Side Public License, Version 1 (SSPL v1)

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon Nov 12 03:09:30 UTC 2018

Quoting Kyle Mitchell (kyle at kemitchell.com):

> Bradley criticized the submission by alleging that MongoDB
> intends to "abuse the copyleft system" with the license, not
> itself being subject to its terms, and so on.  You quoted
> and seconded.  That's why I responded as I did.
> Maybe we're in violent agreement?  I wouldn't stop anyone
> responding to the submitter's comments on intent, or even
> what we know about them, as a project or a company.  I have.
> But those points aren't relevant to OSD conformance or
> advisability of the license on their own.

I appreciate that, and regret any antagonistic tone.

The present subthread seems to have departed drastically from the remit of
license-review to the point that I prefer to not comment further.

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