[License-review] Approval request for ZENTAO PUBLIC LICENSE

Josh berkus josh at postgresql.org
Thu Jun 23 00:51:13 UTC 2016

On 06/22/2016 05:42 PM, Fei Teng wrote:
> Yes.
> What I meant in my previous email should be "The code of how to get ride
> of the LOGO of a web product …". Sorry about the typo.
> It is not only the copyright headers are removed, but also other
> signs/statement on the interface. For example, if someone used
> Wordpress, there should be "powered by Wordpress" left on the page.
> However, this is not happening to us. Such statement were quite
> often removed by the developers who used our product.

Wordpress does not require such a logo.  People include it voluntarily.

Regardless, if developers are removing the copyright headers from copies
of your code, what makes you think that a new license will make any
difference?  If people are willing to violate one license, they'll
violate another.  I think taking a few to court would do you a lot more
good than changing the license.

--Josh Berkus

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