[License-review] License submission for approval for Moritz30-Projects Open Source License Version 1

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Jun 8 21:58:51 UTC 2016

Quoting Simon Phipps (simon at webmink.com):

> Sending only the link like this will not make things easy for anyone.
> Please ensure the formatted and  full text of your proposed license is
> in any e-mail where you announce revisions -- preferably with
> annotation to show where is has changed from the previous version and
> the reason for the change.

Also, Matthias, shouldn't your licence text include at least a timestamp
for the most recent revision time -- if not a specific licence version

Mattias's currently available text on pastebin claims to be
'Moritz30-Projects Open Source License Version 1', but so did the
earlier, pre-revision text.  Lack of revision indicator makes discussion

Also, Matthias really should not have started out titling it 'Open Source
Licence' without OSI review, as that is the very thing that was to be
determined, and, frankly, sounds extremely unlikely.

At a quick glance at _today's_ text at
http://paste.moritz30.de/view/raw/72d5911b, quite a number of the
clauses seem deeply problematic.  Going into the details doesn't even
strike me as a good use of Mattias's time or anyone else's.  IMO, it
would be far better if he would simply use an existing, standard open
source licence (or a proprietary one if that better meets his needs).

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