[License-review] ZENTAO PUBLIC LICENSE For Approval

Fei Teng feiteng854 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 6 02:10:36 UTC 2016


Dear Review Board,

I am writing to ask the review of our license. Please see the required
information below.

 1. the *submission type* and *license name* in subject field (to ensure
proper tracking) :


2. a plaintext copy of the license (see the attachment)

3. the supporting data listed below (as appropriate for the type of

*      -**Rationale:*

       The new license clearly defines that indications of the
software cannot be altered or removed in any way, so that it will make
a balance in protecting the interests of the original author and
maintaining business cooperation.


       ZENTAO PUBLIC LICENSE clarifies the specific indications of the
software that should be changed or removed from the software, such as
notes, texts, pictures and links showing copyright of the software.

*       -**Proliferation category:*

        Other/Miscellaneous licenses

4. a link to earlier public discussions (if any)

       *http://zpl.pub/page/faq.html* <http://zpl.pub/page/faq.html>

Let me know if any questions.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Fei Teng
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