[License-review] New settings for license-review

Josh berkus josh at postgresql.org
Wed Jun 1 20:27:01 UTC 2016

On 06/01/2016 01:19 PM, John Cowan wrote:
> Josh berkus scripsit:
>> I understand this, but then we're going to need an alternate way for
>> folks to submit things and comment.  Which is, fortunately, in
>> development ...
> What's wrong with asking such people to subscribe?  I submit that anyone
> who can't subscribe to a mailing list nowadays, with all the Web
> interfaces, shouldn't be submitting licenses.

I'm thinking more of the "hey, let me loop in the person who insisted on
that clause".  That is, there's likely to be one subscriber, but there's
often multiple people at an organization involved, some of them in a
drive-by fashion.  However, the kanban board solves that.


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