[License-review] Request for consultation with CC on patent issue

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue Feb 21 18:01:40 UTC 2012

Quoting Tzeng, Nigel H. (Nigel.Tzeng at jhuapl.edu):

> I agree with Thorsten's point.  I'm only pointing this out because it
> appears you, Richard and Rick are really blowing this out of proportion
> and creating more controversy than necessary.

I think you're perhaps attributing to me a view I didn't express and
don't hold, or at least missing a nuance:  Just to be clear, I nowhere
suggested that such licences necessarily need to include some sort of
explicit patent waiver (or say anything about patents at all, for that
matter).  All I said was that perhaps CC would consider deleting the 4a
clause's denial of even the possibility of an implicit patent grant.

That having been said, for reasons amply cited by others, I do agree
that it's highly unlikely that patents held by a CC0 licensor will ever
be a problem.

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