[License-review] Submitting CC0 for OSI approval

Clark C. Evans cce at clarkevans.com
Sun Feb 19 02:45:42 UTC 2012

On Sat, Feb 18, 2012, at 07:14 PM, Russ Nelson wrote:
> The OSD deals with copyright licensing, period. 

Funny, I always assumed the OSD deals with software licensing, 
I see the word "software" a dozen or so times, the word "license"
almost twice that. I don't see the word "copyright" once.
As a lay programmer, I want to know if the *software license*
for a work I'd like to incorporate or use is resonable.  From 
this perspective, I don't care if it's copyright, patents, 
trade secret, or required observances to Ceiling Cat. 



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