[License-review] Small Suggestion

Thorsten Glaser tg at mirbsd.de
Wed Feb 1 01:34:13 UTC 2012

Karl Fogel dixit:

>Searchable archives would be good too!

The archives on GMane are searchable, e.g.

I think at least this list, maybe more of them, are
not archived at GMane though. The admin might want
to fix this by registering them too.

More of a problem is that this list seems to set an
expiry on most postings (or is that the people who
post?), which is respected by most archives and loses
us discussions. I’ve seen the history of active dis‐
cussion threads vanish from when I used GMane’s NNTP
interface on one.

As for the web thing… please, no. Think of it as
bringing back Eternal September from where it moved
to back to the mailing lists.

> emacs als auch vi zum Kotzen finde (joe rules) und pine für den einzig
> bedienbaren textmode-mailclient halte (und ich hab sie alle ausprobiert). ;)
Hallooooo, ich bin der Holger ("Hallo Holger!"), und ich bin ebenfalls
... pine-User, und das auch noch gewohnheitsmäßig ("Oooooooohhh").  [aus dasr]

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