[License-discuss] Status of earlier AFL licenses?

Sebastian Crane seabass-labrax at gmx.com
Wed Sep 8 20:57:37 UTC 2021

Dear McCoy,

> This would be a relatively elementary task if the mailing list were
> more easily searchable....

I've searched the mailing list archives already. Alas, it is not that
elementary; I couldn't find any mention of previous versions of the AFL!

In case you'd like to have a look yourself, I've attached the script I
used to download the archives (assuming this mailing list allows
attachements, that is.)

When run, it creates a folder called 'osi-mailing-list-archives'
containing the emails in 'mbox' format, which can be opened in either an
email client or in a text editor. Please note that it overwrites a few
files inside that folder, if it already exists.

I had a little fun with the license of that script! Unfortunately, it
seems as though the wording of the AFL precludes its use with REUSE and
SPDX license identifiers, so the script is under MIT-0 in any case :)

Best wishes,

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