[License-discuss] Moderation observations

Simon Phipps simon.phipps at opensource.org
Fri Feb 28 16:53:46 UTC 2020

Hi all,

Some observations for list members:

   1. We currently have moderation of first posts by newly auto-enrolled
   members in place. Apologies if this is delaying your post - especially if
   you have recently come back or changed your mail address - as the
   volunteers involved only have a certain amount of capacity to intervene.
   2. Pam has asked for meta conversation to subside and I'll reiterate
   that request. In particular, we'll not let through moderated posts that are
   off-topic in this period. I agree that "on-topic-ness" is somewhat hard to
   define for this list but over the weekend we'll treat anything not
   explicitly about licensing as off-topic, and review the matter on Monday.
   Seriously, we need a break - even if you're not currently moderated, please
   think twice before posting this weekend.
   3. If you have a concern or think we're making a mistake in evaluating
   your particular post, please write to the OSI moderator team at
   moderators at opensource.org (this is the OSI-wide team and is distinct
   from the dicense-discuss moderators despite overlaps). You'll definitely
   get a reply before Tuesday, maybe sooner.

Thanks so much for your support and understanding.

Simon Phipps*, Board Director, The Open Source Initiative*
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