[License-discuss] Language, appropriateness, and ideas

Josh Berkus josh at berkus.org
Thu Feb 27 18:01:44 UTC 2020

On 2/27/20 6:35 AM, Russell McOrmond wrote:
> Some might even suggest he is being de-platformed by being blocked from
> expressing personal political views.  I'm not suggesting this, as I'm
> advocating strongly that those who wish to use software and software
> licenses to discriminate be invited (strongly if required) to go
> elsewhere than the OSI mailing lists.  I don't consider it
> de-platforming to ask people (and enforce is necessary) to leave the
> list who want to continuously try to get permission to route-around the
> non-discriminatory goals of the OSD so that they can discriminate.

To paraphrase the above: "It's only deplatforming if it's me or my
friends.  If it's someone I don't agree with, they're just whining."

Free speech is not your exclusive right, Russell.  Nor ESRs, no matter
how much you seem to think so.  If you want a "safe space" where only
people you agree with can speak, it's cheap and easy to create your own
mailing list, and I wish you the joy of it.

Josh Berkus

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