[License-discuss] Language, appropriateness, and ideas

Thorsten Glaser tg at mirbsd.de
Fri Feb 28 12:46:14 UTC 2020

VM Brasseur (OSI) dixit:

>The purpose of the list is right there, as they say, on the tin:
>license discuss.

Ooooh, but you forgot to quote the most important part!

It says, in total: ‣‣‣ license-discuss at lists.opensource.org

There’s an “opensource” in there that, as hosted by the OSI,
directly means OSI certified Open Source software® licences.

>We are all here to discuss, learn, research, share, and investigate the
>world of software licenses as they pertain to open source. Josh, Van,

Yes, as they pertain to Open Source as per the OSI, with the
OSD as statutes of sorts, and the shared understanding of Open
Source as a means to liberalise this.

>This investigation and learning may at times involve discussion of
>concepts—such as the Persona Non Grata preamble—with which you may

Indeed, but only up to the point where…

>disagree. Whether or not these concepts work against the mission of OSI
>and the meaning of the OSD isn't beside the point, it _is_ the point.

… this precisely was established. Once established that it is,
it’s no longer ontopic.

>If people are not free to ask questions like this here, they will not

People can ask questions, but they may not insist, after some
point, that the thing is still to be discussed or even accepted.

People may ask, but they need to be prepared to be told things
contrary to their opinion.

>Supporters, not sycophants, and not blind followers. By providing a
>safe space for people to explore these questions around the OSD and

I’m sorry, but the OSD *is not about building safe spaces*.
It’s about certifying licences that provide certain freedoms;
few could be more contrary to that than licences that add
restrictions to promote someone’s social concepts.

I, for one, am glad ESR’s mail made it through in a fullquote.
I may not agree with him on some things (vehemently disagee on
some even), but I’m fully behind what he said.

“The final straw, to be honest, was probably my amazement at the volume of
petty, peevish whingeing certain of your peers are prone to dish out on
d-devel, telling each other how to talk more like a pretty princess, as though
they were performing some kind of public service.” (someone to me, privately)

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