[License-discuss] Ethical open source licensing - Dual Licensing for Justice

Eric S. Raymond esr at thyrsus.com
Tue Feb 25 16:21:39 UTC 2020

Pamela Chestek <pamela at chesteklegal.com>:
> I don't see the point of these contortions. Why not just write a license
> that says "everyone case use the software except Amazon." It suspect it
> would be an enforceable license. Why are you trying to fit it under the
> umbrella of "open source" too?

Because that way he couldn't use our prestige to advance his goals.
He couldn't use OSI to pretend to be pro-freedom while actually being
against freedom.

Reminder, everybody: defenting freedom includes defending the freedom
of people you don't like. Otherwise you create a precedent that will
reach to yourself.
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