[License-discuss] Intimacy in open source (SSPL and AGPL)

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Jan 23 07:26:50 UTC 2019

Quoting Johnny A. Solbu (johnny at solbu.net):

> On Tuesday 22 January 2019 21:31, Nicholas Matthew Neft Weinstock wrote:
> > My e-mail isn’t adding reply bars.  I’m going to put my responses in blue, I apologize that this will likely impact readability for some members of the list.
> This is a BAD idea!
> Many of us disable redering of html for security reasons, and last year those of us which have been doing that for allmost 20 years got our fears confirmed, with the pgp/gpg email hack. One of the strong advices where: Disable html rendering!

Word.  Moreover, having seen the dismal uses to which even non-malign
senders put HTML markup, it would have to be _my_ HTML markup, not the
sender's.   In fact:

> This means that we don't see any colors of any kind, and hence have no
> way of finding out what you write and what you are replying to.

My own MUA displays quoted text in green and new text in white against a
gloriously black xterm background.  (HTML gets autostripped, and good

But anyway, I'm sympathetic with Mr. Weinstock's problem, as e appears
to be stuck on some corporate use of a osted MS-Exchange Server instance
(meaning, I guess MS-Outlook on the desktop?), but he'll find that doing
whatever's necessary to implement Internet-standard quoting is the best
solution in the long term.  

Early this century, Outlook users would be helped by pointing them to
Dominik Jain's Outlook-Quotefix.  These days, maybe
https://github.com/tk/macros4outlook .

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