[License-discuss] linking exception in OpenJDK

Joshua Gay jgay at fsf.org
Tue Dec 1 22:12:18 UTC 2015


Thank you for sharing this legal information. I have a bunch of
questions and would appreciate help in understanding this further.

Is section 15 part of the actual directive, or is it simply part of the
rationale that helps explain the intent behind the 12 articles that
follow? If the articles are the actual directive, might those be more
narrowly interpreted and more narrowly applicable than the general
rationale cited? And also, its hard for me to see which articles relate
to section 15 as it would apply to linking to a library. If I understand
this correctly, an EU directive was an agreement amongst member states
to uphold or create local laws. Do all EU member states have laws for
this particular directive, and if so, does the same rationale described
in paragraph 15 apply to all of those laws in each of the respective
member states?

Sorry I know that is a lot of questions, but, I am genuinely trying to
make sense of how this EU directive works and how it applies to the
licenses my org publishes and provides educational materials on.

Any and all help is appreciate.


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