[License-discuss] changing wiki.os.o to xwiki

Luis Villa luis at lu.is
Sat Dec 28 17:01:17 UTC 2013

Hi, all-

As some of you may have noticed, we switched wiki.opensource.org to
xwiki in the past few weeks.

Good news:
- this should be better supported (thanks to the fine folks at xwiki.com)
- better feature set from xwiki over docuwiki
- able to enable account creation without going through admins (woot!)

Bad news:
- you'll need to create a new account
- content was imported, but URL redirects probably can't be done
automatically (I've asked for manual redirects for a few important
- haven't set up "clean" URLs yet (on the TODO)

Please let me/the list know if you have any questions/concerns about
the new wiki.

(Most of the migration work was done by Patrick Masson, our new
general manager[2] - please thank him if you see him :)


[1] currently asking for these redirects:

- http://wiki.opensource.org/archived_not_approved_licenses should
link to http://wiki.opensource.org/xwiki/bin/view/Projects/Archived+Discussions+on+Not+Approved+Licenses

- http://wiki.opensource.org/website_improvements should link to

- http://wiki.opensource.org/license_comment_sweep should link to

- http://wiki.opensource.org/listing_of_licensing_tools should link to

[2] http://opensource.org/node/681

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