GPL Issue

Romain Berrendonner berrendo at
Wed Sep 22 08:38:11 UTC 2010

Hi Dave,

Le 22/09/2010 06:22, dtemeles at a écrit :
> In other words, we have a complete lack of certainty on what will happen
> with a given license and a given use in a given court.

How is this situation specific to open-source/free software licenses ? 
This should also apply to any proprietary license as well.

> 3. The open source community would be well served if we focus more
> attention on developing sound enforcement provisions and mechanisms so
> that the licensors can seek and obtain relevant redress against
> infringers regardless of whether the court du jour determines that the
> use is a breach of the license (breach of contract), or a use outside
> the scope of the license (copyright infringement).

As most alleged infringement seem to be solved by settlement - Okay, 
under the pressure of an eventual copyright infringement lawsuit, I'm 
not sure that a change of strategy would be relevant.



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