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Thank you very much for the responses.
Shlomo Zalman Heigh
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> Dear Shlomo,
> On 20 September 2010 20:37, Shlomo Zalman Heigh <szh1 at> wrote:
>> The GPL says that the user is not required to accept the license. If my
>> user doesn't accept the license, and (I assume) he can still *use *the
>> software without *distributing *it, if there is a bug that damages his
>> computer, can he sue me for it? If so, is there a license that doesn't have
>> this issue?
> Well, if the user does not accept the license, he cannot use the software,
> with this I mean he cannot do either of the two activities ('use' and
> 'distribute') you described. Period.
> There is no get around it. It is a leave it or take it situation.
> Especially true since GPL claims it is a copyright license subjected to
> copyright law, not EULA which is subjected to contract laws.
> Well, All licenses, including GPL has a boiler plate statement you find in
> all license disclaiming liabilities. For GPL it is section 15 (Disclaimer of
> Warranty), 16( Limitation of Liability and 17 (Interpretation of Sections 15
> and 16).
> Until someone got sued because he/she introduce a bug that damages others'
> computer. We will not know where we legally stands on the issue of bug
> damage, regardless of whether you are GPL or not.
> Usual IANAL disclaimer.
> Best Regards,
> Cinly
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