MPL 2 Alpha 2 released- OSI compatibility feedback wanted

Luis Villa lvilla at
Tue Sep 7 14:00:04 UTC 2010

Hello fellow license-discuss members!

I'm pleased to announce that a few minutes ago we posted the second 
Alpha draft of the next version of the MPL, and we would like this 
list's commentary and feedback, particularly on the issue of OSI 
compatibility. We have no reason to believe that the new license should 
be OSI-incompatible, but we have changed a lot of text, and so we'd 
appreciate any feedback we get along those lines. Feedback on other 
issues is of course also welcome.

We're particularly happy to note here that we believe that this draft 
should be Apache-compatible, allowing mingling of Apache code in 
MPL-licensed projects.

The text is available here:

An annotated version, including commentary and links to previous 
discussions of most of the included changes, is available here:

We welcome general questions and feedback through this mailing list or 
through private email, and specific textual comments through our co-ment 
commenting tool at


Luis Villa, Mozilla Legal
work email: lvilla at (preferred)
work phone: 650-903-0800 x327

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