Individual authors recognition

Xavier Grehant xavier.grehant at
Wed Jun 4 14:14:07 UTC 2008

Is there a license that forces distributions AND the copyright holder to
acknowledge the authors of the initial work?

The authors may be different from the copyright holder. Typically the
copyright holder is their organization. Other people in the organization
should not be able to present the work as their own.

I know if this happens this is a problem with the organization. Ideally,
employees of an organization work together for a common goal. The best way
to make this happen in the facts is to make sure they are individually
recognized for their work. In addition, sometimes the authors intervene in
the license choice. If they have a way to protect themselves, they will use

The idea would be something like the zlib/libpng license but I'm wondering about
the scope of the zlib/libpng license. Do its restrictions also apply to the
copyright holder, and anybody acting on behalf of the copyright holder?

The copyright holder may always in a new version remove information about
the initial authors and change the license. Does it make the problem

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