Release comercial application's sources as GPL but with restriction in usage

John Cowan jcowan at
Wed Feb 16 02:58:09 UTC 2005

Lawrence Rosen scripsit:

> Congratulations on being allowed to use a license that I've been told is
> deprecated by its own author. I've been informed that Trolltech doesn't
> itself even use the QPL. Is that true?

AFAICT, Qt for Unix/Linux/MacOSX has three licenses available: the GPL,
the QPL, and a proprietary license (which costs).  Qt for Windows is
available under the GPL and a proprietary license.  The QPL requires that
any applications you develop with a QPLed component are source-available
and freely redistributable, but does not require that they be distributed
under the QPL or any other specific license.  It is semi-reciprocal.

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