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Xavier Noria fxn at
Sat Feb 12 21:38:40 UTC 2005

While reading the OSI definition of Open Source I got a few questions 
(I am not sure this is the right list to ask them, please if it's not 
feel free to say so and redirect me elsewhere):

1. Free Redistribution

Since this condition explicitly talks about redistribution within a 
software distribution that contains software _from different sources_, 
my understanding is that it does not apply to redistribution of the 
very software alone, as if I want to pass it to my friend. Is that 

If it was the case I don't see whether copying of the software itself 
is covered in the definition, which surely signals some 
misunderstanding on my side.

6. No discrimination about fields of Endeavor

Is there an example of a software that provides its source code and 
does not satisfy this?

9. License Must Not Restrict Other Software

MySQL seems to restrict this _outside_ the license, as metaconditions 
under which you can get a license for the database. But MySQL is one of 
those paradigmatic Open Source programs, why that is not a 

10. License Must Be Technology-Neutral

Does this mean that an Open Source license cannot be presented by some 
particular installation software so that the user is presented with an 
accept button? Or does it mean that _the license wording_ says anything 
about it?

If it was the latter, do you have an example of a license that mentions 
some interface for its acceptance or some other violation of this 
restriction? I've googled for "click-wrap" but didn't find an example. 
(The more popular de product the better.)

That's all by now, although I bet more questions will arise the more I 
think about it :-). Thank you!

-- fxn

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