[OT] Russ Nelson's public relations

Andy Tai atai at atai.org
Thu Feb 10 05:30:00 UTC 2005

It seems Russ Nelson is better than Eric Raymond in
these regards...

--- Squiggle Slash <squiggleslash at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Before I do: There's no hidden agenda here. I'm
> concerned, because of postings Russ Nelson made on
> Slashdot shortly after the announcement he was
> taking
> over (generally to the detriment of RMS) and because
> of the apparently racist (intentionally or
> otherwise)
> comments he's making in public, that he's off to an
> absurdly bad start as OSI leader, and I think the
> really owes it to itself to do what it can to stop
> this happening.
> If you are the public face of an advocacy group, you
> owe it to that group to be polite, diplomatic, and
> to
> show tact, when in public. It may suck, but you
> never
> had to be associated with that group in the first
> place. Like it or not, people will associate you
> with
> the group - that's the point, after all, of being
> the
> public face.

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