Best base license to pick?

John Cowan jcowan at
Wed Feb 9 13:33:33 UTC 2005

Alex Bligh scripsit:

> Are there any particular OSI approved licenses they should be looking at 
> to start off with?

Mmmmkay, you want a reciprocal license with a QPL-style restriction to
pristine source and patches and modern patent support.  What I'd do,
if I were you, is to talk to Larry Rosen (he's probably listening)
about making a modified version of the Open Software License,
adding some words to section 1c like "and with the further proviso that
any distribution of Derivative Works be solely in the form of the Original
Work plus separate modifications such as patches."

Then give it a spiffy new name and there you go.

The alternative is to talk to Trolltech about adding patent language
into the QPL, but that would probably be a much harder job.


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