Some thoughts after a few hours reading this list and looking for a license.

Jason White jasonjgw at
Mon Feb 7 06:19:04 UTC 2005

David Ryan writes:
 > 1) The Qt public license has its jurisdiction in Norway.  Can I change 
 > this to Victoria, Australia and still claim it is OSI approved?

You would be infringing the copyright in the license as well unless
 the author has given you permission to modify and republish the
 license document.
 > Infact 
 > many licenses have very specific names in them.  What can/can't be 
 > changed so that they can be applied to another company or product?

Nothing, so far as I know, unless the licenseq explicitly provides for
modification. This is, I expect, an important reason why there are so many
approved licenses.

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