Let me reply to finalize discussion

Matthew Seth Flaschen superm40 at comcast.net
Tue Dec 20 23:14:39 UTC 2005

 >> - I did not use a term "open source" in my license, you can check 
http://tvl.ton.net.ru/Lic_ru_en_v01.pdf .

Yes, but you sent it to an open source mailing list.  Naturally, we 
assumed you were trying to consider it as open source.

 >> - Some comments were based on misunderstanding, for example:
 > "Many parts of your license depend on the involvement of the web or
 > blogs. However, this restricts distribution (at least commercially)
 > outside these channels" (Matthew Seth Flaschen).
 >>From my licence v. 0.1, section 4.3: "You must provide the links 
 >>from the wrapper of the copies and from the space of display the 
 >>copies to the annotation of the work at this Licensing project".

However, you also made it a requirement to "display a copy of your work 
and/or links to its files at your website or blog" in order to "sell the 
right to use the copies of your work for making money."  You add that 
"if you do not have the blog - you can create it at jDnevnik.com for 
free." However, the web is still required.

-Matthew Flaschen

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