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Sun Dec 18 06:28:00 UTC 2005

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included text indicating I said, 
>> Also I consider copyright as a fundamental human right (for everyone) - it 
>> should not be even registered according the law of many countries. To be the 
>> right and since the web has not national borders a proper scheme relevant to 
>> this reality must be established to stop the war between content authors and 
>> users. Tell me who can win this war and why we must spend resources for legal 
>> "weapon" instead of legal peace?

I did not say say that, and certainly do not agree.  Rather, I more closely follow the sentiment of the drafters of the US Constitution.  Like them, I believe copyright is not a natural right; I am not sure it is a right at all.  In any case, when copyright protection is granted, it should be temporary and for the benefit of society.  Nikolai was the one who made that comment.  See the archive at

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