License Committee Report for December 2005

Russell Nelson nelson at
Thu Dec 8 20:20:12 UTC 2005

I'm the chair of the license approval committee.  This is my report
for the current set of licenses under discussion.  If anybody
disagrees with my assessment of the committee's conclusions, say so

Note: BCC'ed to the license submittors.


Title: MindTree Public License (MTPL)
License: in the submission.
Comments: Universal dislike.  Rick Moen points out that since
    copyright assignment must be done via a separate contract, it
    fails OSD#7 (Distribution of License).  By specifying a technology
    ("By clicking on the I Agree button below"), it violates OSD#10
    (License Must Be Technology-Neutral). 
Recommend: rejection.


Title: OSL/AFL 3.0
Comments: Rod Dixon recommends approval of both licenses
Recommend: approval

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