new licensing model

Nikolai n_k at
Sat Dec 3 10:43:43 UTC 2005


My name is Nikolai Krjachkov. I’m from St Petersburg, Russia. Let me 
invite you to consider new licensing model:

It is not yet ready for use because it needs corrections, software and 
organizational infrastructure.

One of the Licence’s ideas is to make the sequence of digital works 
(from the original work to the last derivative work and back) visible 
for everyone to decide where to connect with variants of use. Also I 
tried to combine free copying of works in any quantity, their free use 
for not making money and paid use for making money. Paid use means for 
authors the opportunity to get paid even when their works were used in 
the works of other authors and the copies of the works of these other 
authors are used for making money.

I think this Licence may accelerate innovations because authors could 
focus on their works and be interested in their further development by 
other persons.

You are welcome to add your criticism, questions and suggestions openly 


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