OSL 1.1 treatment of documentation

Bruce Dodson bruce_dodson at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 31 01:15:33 UTC 2002

I took it to mean any technical documentation which is provided by a
licensor, which may make the source code more accessible to a licensee.
Then you would be compelled to provide such documentation as was provided to
you when you received your copy of the source code.  So, "access" in the
sense of making source code accessible.  That's my interpretation as a
layman; it might not be the same one that Larry had in mind.  However I
think it could be spelled out more clearly.

If you use excerpts of that that documentation in a book, and the
documentation was considered to be under OSL, then it seems you would have
to make the full text available under OSL.  Is that right?

Then, Forrest's question: what about a book that isn't a derivative work?
Could contract law and some technically inept judge compell the book
publisher to release the book's source code (DocBook / TeX / whatever) under

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> Lawrence E. Rosen" <lrosen at rosenlaw.com> wrote in part:
> > > > 3) Grant of Source Code License. The term "Source Code" means the
> > > > preferred form of the Original Work for making
> > > modifications to it and
> > > > all available documentation describing how to access and modify the
> > > > Original Work.
> > >
> > > "access" is not well-defined.
> > >
> > > Is your intent to compel book publishers to give away the
> > > text of their books written for users of the Work?
> >
> > No, and I don't think the word "access" conveys that meaning.
> >
> "accessed" appears in OSL 1.1 paragraph 5.  And it
> seems that "use" is different than "access."  Can
> you explain what you meant in each paragraph?
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