Cross-Platform License (was Re: Newbie Question)

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Wed Oct 30 06:40:55 UTC 2002

> Let me rephrase this for you, and see if I'm close: you want to prevent
> software from being dependent on proprietary software, including
> operating systems and their components?

Exactly!  Thank you for the clear re-phrasing.  I thought I'd been both
clear and succinct.  I see now that, relatively speaking, I'd chosen woolly

> If so, then this is like the GPL without the system software clause.

The GPL already prohibits dependence on proprietary software?  I didn't
realise this.  Can you point me towards a URL which gives a clean
explication of the GPL?

> Win32 versions would have to use an open source cross-platform toolkit


> or  stick with standard interfaces.

Again, yes.  I would like to even stipulate that the standard interfaces
(as far as the GUI is concerned) be open source and cross-platform.  I
don't know how practical this would be, however.

> A license like this could certainly be Open Source

Glad to hear it.  I'll now begin writing the license, and follow the
appropriate procedures in submitting it for approval.



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