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John Cowan jcowan at reutershealth.com
Mon Oct 28 17:31:52 UTC 2002

Russell Nelson scripsit:

> Is your next step going to be to stand up at the O'Reilly Open Source
> Conference and proclaim "It's not a free software license.  Don't use
> it!"  Sorry, but you're sounding like a certain zealot, the way you
> phrased that paragraph.

No, I've said my bit, unless the OSL starts to become boomingly popular.
BTW, my next piece of software will be released under the AFL.

> John, go read the proposed GPLv3.  People who like the GPLv2 (and you
> may not be be one of them) tend to like the GPLv3.  And those who
> don't like the GPLv2 REALLY don't like the GPLv3.  The OSL is no more
> or less an attempt to be compatible with the GPLv3 before it's
> published (unless I miss my mark).

It's a *lot* wider in its demands than the Moglen/RMS posting you pointed me
to, or the Affero Public License.  It's hardly possible to lay a finger
on OSL software for any purpose without being deemed to be a distributor.

"There is too much of this damned deeming."
	--Lord Mildew in _Travers v. Travers_

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