a proposed change to the OSD

Robert Samuel White webmaster at enetwizard.net
Sun Oct 27 04:12:42 UTC 2002

Rod Dixon, J.D., LL.M. writes:
 >> I understand the desire to develop of a habit and practice that
 >> ultimately impact the resolution of legal rights in the
 >> future, but I do not understand the persistent inclination to ignore
 >> courts have viewed these issues in the past, and likely will do so
for some
 >> time in the future.

Russel Nelson writes:
> Do you understand why people persistently ignore the speed limit?

I write:

Because they are reckless.   They do not appreciate the great
responsibility which has been bestowed upon them with a driver license.
They risk the safety of others.  They have no appreciation for authority
except their own.  Sounds like someone on this list.

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