a proposed change to the OSD

Russell Nelson nelson at crynwr.com
Fri Oct 25 23:35:36 UTC 2002

Ralph Mellor writes:
 > PS. I haven't been able to thru to http://www.opensource.org
 > for an hour or so. Packets seem to be stuck in San Jose...

Yes, Brian Behlendorf's server was not healthy earlier today.  I'm
sure that he's working on fixing it.

Oh, and I only CC'ed Bruce Perens because he had said that he was
going to propose language for a 'use' change to the OSD.  I figured
that he would want a chance to contribute his thoughts.  That doesn't
mean, on the other hand, that everybody should explicitly CC him!

In general, when you're replying to a list, use your email program's
"Reply To List" function[1].  Or, if it doesn't have one, ask your email
program's author to create one.  It's not like mailing lists are new,
or passe, either.

[1] which is actually, when you go to implement it, the same as "Reply 
to Recipient", which is probably why it's implemented less often than
one would hope.

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