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At 03:03 PM 10/24/02 -0400, John Cowan wrote:
>Wendy Seltzer scripsit:
> > Unless an owner dedicates a work to the public domain, releasing all
> > exclusivity,
>One small point, not really relevant to the rest of your posting.  There
>are people on this list who argue that you can't do that under the existing
>copyright regime: once in copyright, always in copyright until expiration
>(assuming we ever *have* a copyright expiration again, that is).

Creative Commons is working on a public domain dedication that we hope will 
satisfy those concerns.  I don't think the legal defaults are right when it 
takes more effort to disclaim ownership than to assert it, but let's save 
that argument.  Meanwhile here's hoping the Supreme Court tells us works 
must once again enter the public domain.


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