A few here may have an opinion on this

Forrest J Cavalier III forrest at mibsoftware.com
Thu Oct 24 19:57:20 UTC 2002

> I looked up MSFT's latest financial release
> (operating results for Sept 02 quarter, Oct 17).
> They had $7.4B revenue and $2.7B net income.
> EBIT was $4B and they paid $1.3B in taxes.
> In the Sept 01 quarter (a really bad quarter)
> EBIT was $1.9B and they still paid $600M in taxes.
> Do you still think that proprietary software is not
> a great business model?

You missed my feeble attempt at sarcasm with my
MicroSoft comment....But can anyone provide a
quick update for 2002 of the numbers and accounting
techniques explained in the following from fall 2000?

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