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Thu Oct 24 19:01:07 UTC 2002

Ken Brown scripsit:

> Ownership is control to me.  Courts would agree.  If you waive your
> ownership, you waive your control...vice versa.

No, you don't.  Ownership is the right to exercise control, not the
duty to do so.  If you waive control, you waive it.

> Copyright is control
> whether you like it or not.  Second, I cannot understand how you can connect
> the derivative works clause in the GPL to permissions and rights expected by
> copyright enforcement courts in this country.

Copyright ownership means you have the right to allow or disallow certain
things.  The GPL allows certain things and disallows others.

> Lets say I write a code that disables the function of an F1 key.  Even
> though its an error, I distribute my code under the strict terms that say
> you cannot fix this problem.  I GPL the code.  The GPL says that owners can
> make the modification.  Copyright or not, explain to me how I could possibly
> forbid anyone from making the change?

You can't.  Either you distribute under the GPL or you don't (or you distribute
some copies under the GPL and others not).

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