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Thu Oct 24 13:13:29 UTC 2002

Sujita Purushothaman wrote:

> Hello,
>    Are discussions on the GPL allowed? :-)
>     I'd like to ask, when A writes a program and distributes it under the
> GPL, and B modifies it :
> 1. Is B allowed to remove all traces of A's name? Is B supposed to retain
> A's name somewhere? For example if I were to take RedHat Linux, make some
> modifications, and distribute my own version, can I remove all instances
> of
> "RedHat" ?
> 2. If I am allowed to, to what extent?

This is not a GPL topic:
The copyright notice (thus author names) are normally covered by
copyright law. IANAL, but I think you cannot modify the credits (or
better, you cannot remove credits), indipendent of licenses!


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