Open Source Licence for my cms?

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  Sorry if this already went in, but I got a mailer-daemon error saying 
that it wouldn't accept a multipart/alternative. Weird, so I changed it 
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The response below was a little short - I thought I might elaborate.

As I understand it, I am allowed to give rights to my software twice by 
using two licenses. It is _my_ software after all. If the exceptions add 
restrictions or contradict the GPL, then I can see it as defying the GPL 
- and hence, illegal. Otherwise, there shouldn't be a problem. Please 
correct me if I am wrong.

One problem I do see is that the viral nature of the GPL won't include 
any additional rights and exceptions. I don't see any way around this.

Mahesh T Pai wrote:

> John Cowan wrote:
>> I suggest the GPL.  Although you cannot rewrite the GPL wholesale, 
>> you can
>> add exceptions to it, thus:
>>     As a special exception to the above license, you may <do whatever>
> And then, you should not call it the GPL.
> Regards,
> Mahesh T Pai.
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