Why is BSD OSI certified?

Rod Dixon rodd at cyberspaces.org
Wed Oct 16 17:27:28 UTC 2002

John, would you further clarify your point? I am unsure whether I
understand the distinction you are making. An open source software license
governs open source software. How did you splice this to get to Netscape
7.0? I can post part of Netscape's license, if necessary, but paragraph 5
(I think) raises exactly the point Alain raised (but with regard to the
BSD).  At issue is whether a developer can define their way out of open
source by arguing that their product does not meet the definition. This is
not the current purpose of the OSD so I am hopeful that I have
misunderstood your point.


On Wed, 16 Oct 2002, John Cowan wrote:

> Alain =?iso-8859-1?Q?D=E9silets?= scripsit:
> >
> > Looking on OSI's web site, I see that BSD is OSI certified.
> >
> > However, one criteria for OSI certification is that:
> >
> > "Where some form of a product is not distributed with source code, there
> > must be a well-publicized means of obtaining the source code for no more
> > than a reasonable reproduction cost–preferably, downloading via the
> > Internet without charge."
> OSD #2 is different from the other requirements: it says what a product
> must allow in order to be Open Source, rather than what the product's
> license must allow.  A binary-only distribution is not itself Open Source,
> for the sufficient reason that it is not source at all, even if it was
> built from Open Source (BSD, MIT, AFL, etc.) components.
> The MPL is an Open Source license, and Mozilla is an Open Source product,
> but Netscape 7.0 is not an Open Source product, because not all of its
> source is available to us, even though most of its source is licensed
> under the MPL.
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