Moral Rights (was Simplified Artistic License (A Proposed Compromise))

Lawrence E. Rosen lrosen at
Mon Oct 7 00:00:14 UTC 2002

> I don't know if this is quite what Larry was saying, but I 
> for one consider it an unfair tactic to try to discourage RSW 
> from seeking approval.  Russ and other board members may 
> think he is misguided in believing that others will want to 
> use his license, and might even be right, but that does not 
> change your obligation to approve his license if it is OSD compliant.

That certainly wasn't what I was saying, and I don't think it was what
Russ and the other board members were saying.  We've all said many times
that, if RSW's license is OSD-compatible, it will be approved.  I do
recommend, however, that RSW seek an attorney's advice.  I recommend
that to everyone who wants to "roll his own" license.


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