Create new license or use MPL?

Henry Pijffers henry.pijffers at
Thu Oct 3 21:36:52 UTC 2002

Hi people,

Following the discussion about modified licenses and
the desire to keep the number of licenses as little
as possible, I have the following question.

I'm working on a website project. My work involves
Java, HTML, and plain content. I would like a license
that covers all 3 types of work, or "material". The
spirit of the license should be like the MPL, which I
think is a very nice license. But the MPL speaks of
code in particular as "material", not of any kind of
material. So I'm not sure whether I could use the MPL
for my work. Or can I? Will it cover all of my work,
including the plain content? Currently, I have written
a new license, which is essentially a copy of the MPL,
in which I replaced all such terms as "Covered Code"
by "Covered Material". Is this better or does this
nothing but increase the nr of licenses out there?

If it's the latter, then I'm dumping my license.

Henry Pijffers

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