Simplified Artistic License (A Proposed Compromise)

Russell Nelson nelson at
Thu Oct 3 20:24:47 UTC 2002

Robert Samuel White writes:
 > I can understand your point of view, I just wonder if you can see mine?

Of course.  Do you understand that I see your point of view, and that
I'm trying to help you achieve your goal?

 > I am an artist.  I develop software, and that's what I love doing.  I
 > also love offering it to others, but I want to maintain some semblance
 > of artistic control over my software.

 > More than that, for me, I don't care whether or not people post their
 > changes anywhere.  I just care that they prominently indicate that the
 > file was changed from its original version.  And I don't want others
 > using my name or the name of my software to endorse their products.

Then use the Academic Free License.  It *specifically* denies anybody
the right to use your trademarks.  Please read through the AFL and
tell me what parts are objectionable to you, and what's missing that's
objectionable to you.

You may, if you wish, separately from the AFL, allow someone to use a
certification mark if you like the changes that they have made.

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