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Brendan Hide brendan at sacm.co.za
Tue Oct 1 13:20:05 UTC 2002

Hello Tom (and other licence-discuss subscribers)

First, IANAL, and second, I haven't actually studied the OSI 
Certification requirements thoroughly. What I have noticed is that the 
"Original Contributor" is defined as the OCLC Office of Research within 
Section 1 of the license. This means that the license cannot be used by 
any author independently of the OCLC Office of Research as it would mean 
that the OCLC grants rights where it wouldn't have any rights in the 
first place. I don't think that this is an "infringement", but it seems 
to me to prevent adoption of the license by third parties for their own 
software. Of course, if this is the intention, then my statements are 
superfluous. :-)


>Section 1. Your Rights
>	... the OCLC Office of Research (the "Original Contributor") and each subsequent contributor (collectively with the Original Contributor, the "Contributors") hereby grant you...
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