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Correction, I am not a lawyer but sure there are lawyers.

[I said]
> 2- There are no international laws, only treaties. 
>    But there are individual *human rights* which are accepted by all
>    countries. One of these rigths are the author's right

Not exactly. Author's right is not really an *human right* in the
common sense, but in the sense this is a right owned by individuals.

In fact, once the copyright of a license is used to preserve the 
author's tutelage/moral rights, the license becomes almost like 
a Law for Country/States.
Laws works cannot be restricted, they are (by definition) Public Domain 
in the country and under Treaties. 
Any licence, as soon as it is legal, functions like a Law.
You can think about this as if your State was the copyright-holder
of the laws. But you can copy, and even modify these laws, of course
following the license conditions :-D)

To resume, license copyrights from individual work like Public 
Domain Laws from Organizations or States.

No problem, you can, (even you must, if you want to progress) work
and developp licenses. 
Individual licenses are like laws, with individual visibility. 

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