Squeak License OSD-compliance

Matthew C. Weigel weigel at libcom.com
Wed Feb 27 01:06:59 UTC 2002

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Section 2: There is a thorny issue about fonts. While fonts are 
clearly not part of the program if distributed separately, it is 
difficult to say that they are not part of the program when they 
are so distributed.  If they are part of the program, then this 
section runs afoul (IMO) of #1, "shall not restrict any party from 
selling . . . the software".  I think the fonts should be in a 
separate package differently licensed, with all references to them 
excised from this license.

Section 2: it is somewhat inaccurate to say that this license is an 
X11/MIT flavored license when it requires that modifications to 
existing methods or the VM be released under the license of Exhibit 
A. It is also appears trivial to get around, by first sub-licensing 
a modified version (say that *adds* a method) under a different 
license, and then from there modify the existing methods and VM.  
That is, unless that clause falls under being "no less protective 
of Apple," which perhaps others can comment on (it doesn't seem to 
be clause protecting Apple, so it doesn't seem like it should 
necessarily be carried over).

Section 6: I'm pretty sure that's a no-no, at least under OSD#5.

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