Netapp license approval retraction with apologies

Topper, Anthony Topper at
Wed Feb 20 01:29:03 UTC 2002

To all concerned,

Effective immediately, Network Appliance retracts our previous request for
License approval from the OSI for the Network Appliance Common Public License. 

We erred. Upon re-review we had earlier missed the clause in the common public
license that declares a copyright with IBM as the sole entity to approve change.

We understand the desire to have one "Common Public License" with no messy
variations. We think it is an excellent license, hence our desire for our own
small variation of it. The issue that had our attorney's concerned was IBM as
the sole steward of change and NY as the applicable law.

We heartily apologize for the inconvenience to the readership of this list and
the OSI board.

PS: my moniker is particularly appropriate.

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"For 'tis the sport to have the engineer hoist by his own petard"
 -- Shakespeare (Hamlet III, iv)
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