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Aflatoon Aflatooni aaflatooni at yasna.com
Mon Feb 18 20:59:47 UTC 2002

	I have a license question.
	There was an open-source software under the Apache license that the
original creators decided to discontinue the open-source software and sell
it instead.
	I, as a big fan of open-source, decided to take the last version of the
open-source software and continue to add functionality and maintaining the
software as open-source.
	I decided to maintain the software under the Apache license.
	So under the Apache license, I kept the original license (with the original
name of the software, and everything else) intact on the programs, and added
a second block of Apache license with the new name to the program files.
	Under the site where the software is distributed (http://yazd.yasna.com)
the new license is only mentioned.
	The original software creators have complained that the license on the site
should also have the old license too. I was wondering if this is true.
	The new program files that are added would only have the new Apache
	I have had the impression the new software "Yazd" would be distributed
under the new Apache license. Therefore, the new license would be the
license of the software, and there is no need to mention the old one on the
	If anyone could help me out with this I would very much appreciate it.
	Best Regards

Aflatoon Aflatooni
Yasna Inc.

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