Advertising Clauses in Licenses

Russell Nelson nelson at
Wed Feb 13 15:56:41 UTC 2002

Forrest J. Cavalier III writes:
 > Russell Nelson <nelson at> wrote (in part)
 > > There is much in the OSD which is insufficiently explicit.  For
 > > example, we have maintained that there are no possible restrictions
 > > a license could put on users, because there is no possible mechanism
 > > one could use to constraint them, because no approved license can
 > > require that the user execute a license (OSD#7).
 > I think it is a problem that "execute a license" is not defined.
 > As far as I can tell, the GPL is indeed a license.  And making
 > a modified version, or distributing a copy, binds you to the
 > license.  Isn't that executing a license?

You could argue that.  We haven't done that, though.  Instead, we
consider that you are accepting the permissions granted to you by the
copyright holder.

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